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Skin Care & Repair

Scars: The Good the Bad the Ugly... and the Beautiful?
How to Relieve Dry, Cracked Skin

Cold Sore / Herpes / Lip Care

About Hydrocolloid Cold Sore Bandages
How to Hide a Cold Sore
Protecting Your Cold Sore
Kiss Your Cold Sore Goodbye: Treatment Options and Foods to Help Curb Outbreaks
Foods that May Help Reduce the Frequency and Severity of Herpes Outbreaks
Terri Gray Wins $1,000 in Dental Care
Picture of Cold Sores - Picture of Canker Sores
Kid's Cold Sores - An Overview
Teenagers and Cold Sores
Sun Damage and Lip Care
Kiss Your Cold Sore Goodbye - The War on Herpes
Super Lysine +® Study Published in Alternative Medicine Review
Cold Sores - Everything You Need to Know
Lysine and Herpes / Cold Sores

Canker Sore / Mouth Apthous

Users Review Canker CoverTM for Canker Sores - Study Shows Canker Sores Healed in 24 Hours
Study: Oral Patch Treatment Heals Canker Sores in One Day
Canker Cover Clinical Study Results
Canker Sores: The Full Story
A Strategy for Canker Sore Prevention
Canker Sore Treatment Heals and Relieves
Picture of Cold Sores - Picture of Canker Sores

Cold & Flu News and Research

15 Things You Can Do To Fight the Winter Cold Season
New Paper Shows Echinacea Effective Against Colds
The Right Kind Of Zinc Lozenge Can Cut Your Cold Time In Half
Basic Precautions That May Help You Avoid Bird Flu
Is the Flu Vaccine Right for You?
Extract Prevents Colds, Reduces Symptoms, Finds New Study
Bird Flu Facts
Zinc Given Thumbs Up Against Common Cold
Have a Cold or Flu? To Exercise or Not...
Cold or Flu - Which Do You Have?
Zinc Lozenges Help Prevent Colds
Zinc Lozenges Shorten Colds
New Zinc Lozenge Study from Annals of Internal Medicine

Dry Mouth and Dry Mouth Solutions

Study: New Approach for Treating Dry Mouth (JADA)
Dry Mouth - An Overview
Dry Mouth Solutions
Dry Mouth Causes and Symptoms
Dry Mouth Complications
Dry Mouth and Sjogren's
Dry Mouth and Cancer Therapy (chemotherapy)
Dry Mouth and Prescription Drugs

Insect Repellents


Keep the Bugs from Bugging You
Poisonous Plants - Don't touch ‘em
The Mosquito Chronicles: A Summer Primer
This Summer, Just Say No to Bugs
Mosquito and Insect Repellent Overview
Natural Insect Control

DEET Info:

DEET VS Natural Repellents
Mixing DEET with Sunblock Increases Health Risks
Dangers of DEET
Animal Studies on DEET from Duke

Studies, Field Tests:

Buzz Away Extreme U of Guelph Field Study
Buzz Away Extreme USDA Testing
Buzz Away Extreme Tick Study
Study Shows Buzz Away Extreme Repels Ticks for up to 3.5 Hours
Buzz Away Beats Jungle Bugs
Buzz Away on 20/20
Canadian U. Tests Buzz Away
Buzz Away/Good Housekeeping

BAAM - Buzz Away Against Malaria:

BAAM Report from Zambia

Women's Health

Small Daily Soy Intake Cuts Cholesterol
US Women Supplementing With Folic Acid
Vitamin D More Useful Than Calcium For Older Women
Folic Acid Reducing Birth Defects

Men's Health

Broccoli and Cauliflower May Reduce Risk of Prostate Cancer
Toenail Test Indicates Prostate Cancer Risk
Saw palmetto, nettle root supplement helps urinary tract problems
Soy protein cuts risk of prostate cancer, finds review

Vitamins / Minerals

Vitamin E. Low Levels Linked to Physical Decline
Dairy May Protect Against Metabolic Syndrome
More Vitamin D May Help Lung Health
Largest Trial of Vitamin E Shows Heart Health Benefit for Women
CRN Pours Cold Water On New Vitamin E Research
Americans Must Up Calcium And Vitamin D Intake
Multivitamins May Help Prevent Colds & Infections in Diabetics
Study Suggests Multivitamin Use During Pregnancy Cuts Childhood Tumor Risk
Take Multivitamins Urges AMA
Clues on Vitamin E's Anti-Prostate Cancer Effects
Multivitamin Boosts Immune System in Middle-Aged Adults
Vitamin E and Mental Decline
High Folate Levels Found To Reduce Risk Of Stroke

Herbs / Immune Care

National Institutes of Health to Study Echinacea
Blood Pressure - Garlic and Vitamin C Research
Herbal Therapies
Antioxidants and Aging
Antibiotics Unneccesary for Sore Throats
Antioxidants Slow Heart Disease


Pine Bark Extract Prevents Harmful Inflammation Disorders
Slow Sun Damage and The Aging Process
All About Pycnogenol
Pycnogenol and Circulation, Venous Ulcers
Pycnogenol and PMS
Pycnogenol for Skin Care

Eye Health

The Role of Nutrition in Eye Health
Age-Related Eye Diseases (AREDs)
About Macular Degeneration
Nutrition for Your Eyes
Lutein Prevents Sun Damage

Gum Disease

What is Gum Disease?
Swollen Gums
What is Gingivitis?
Bleeding Gums
Report Highlights the Importance of Vitamin D for Teeth
Diet and Exercise Can Reduce Gum Disease by 40%
Fighting Gum Disease Naturally

Health Treatments

All About Yoga
All About Naturopathy
Traditional Chinese Medicine
About Herbal Medicine
India's Ancient Medicine - Ayurveda
About Mind/Body Medicine
The Nutritionist: About Clinical Nutrition
All About Biofeedback
Relaxation Techniques
All About Tai Chi
All About Acupuncuture
What is homeopathy?