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New Study Can Help Millions Who Suffer From Dry Mouth:

Muco-Over-The-Counter, Muco-Adhesive Patch Outperforms Leading Oral Rinse

EUGENE, OR, March 15, 2010 - A new muco-adhesive dry mouth patch (OraMoistTM) proved more effective at treating dry mouth than the leading oral rinse, according to a newly published study. In the study, published in the March 2010 issue of Quintessence International(1), OraMoist was superior to the mouthwash in patient satisfaction and in increasing objectively measured saliva production.

Chronic dry mouth affects the quality of life and can be debilitating. Prescription drugs are the leading cause of dry mouth (xerostomia), which can also result from health conditions, aging, or lifestyle choices. Diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, and Sjogren’s syndrome cause xerostomia. Smoking or drinking alcohol or caffeine can also cause dry mouth.

The new study found that chronic dry mouth sufferers can now get a statistically significant reduction of mouth dryness from a new time-released muco-adhesive patch (OraMoist Dry Mouth Patch). Results for patients using the patch were superior to those for patients using the top-selling dry mouth mouthwash, which has been on the market for nearly two decades.

Overall, patients with xerostomia treated with the muco-adhesive patch reported a statistically significant reduction in mouth dryness sensation with elevated salivary flow rate (150%) after just 30 minutes. These results were considered clinically outstanding by the study authors, since the product does not contain any cholinergic agonist.

In addition, the time-released OraMoist patch provides up to four hours of relief from dry mouth. Dry mouth rinses, sprays and gels must be applied every twenty minutes for optimal results. The time-released OraMoist patch can be used day or night to provide hours of relief. The patch releases a lipid to lubricate the mouth, lemon flavor and xylitol to stimulate saliva production and inhibit bacterial growth, and enzymes to replace those normally found in saliva.

"Dry mouth is a chronic condition," stated Professor Abraham J. Domb, PhD, Institute of Drug Research, School of Pharmacy, Faculty of Medicine at the Hebrew University. "Time-released treatment, such as that provided by the muco-adhesive patch, provides the patient significant advantages compared to the temporary relief from treatments such as mouthwashes, sprays, or gels." Dr. Domb is a co-author of the new published study and world-renowned for his work in biodegradable polymers, including the muco-adhesive, time-release OraMoist patch. "This time-released delivery system has proven to be a successful approach to treating the chronic dry mouth that affects millions of people."

According to the 2002 U.S. annual report on oral health, 17% of un-medicated adult Americans suffer from dry mouth (xerostomia). 34% of Americans taking three prescription drugs regularly suffer; 67% of Americans taking 7 or more medications suffer.

Study Findings

The objective of this study was to evaluate a muco-adhesive lipid-based bio-erodable patch as a novel device to decrease signs and symptoms associated with dry mouth, compared to Biotene mouthwash. The study consisted of 20 patients who suffered from dry mouth for more than three months as a result of medical conditions, who were divided into two treatment groups - oral rinse and muco-adhesive tablet.

  • The questionnaires completed prior to treatment showed no statistically significant differences between the groups

  • Following treatment, 40% of muco-adhesive tablet users reported significantly more moisture and a reduction in the sensation of dry mouth vs. 20% of the leading mouthwash users

  • There was a 1.5-fold increase in unstimulated whole saliva flow (UWSF) after 30 minutes in the group using the muco-adhesive tablet

  • In addition, 70% of patients treated with the muco-adhesive tablet reported they would continue using the product in the future, compared to only 30% who would continue using the leading mouthwash

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