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Canker Sore Treatment

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Canker CoverTM Testimonials
The 8-Hour Breakthrough Canker Sore Treatment

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Dear Quantum Health,

I am a dental hygienist who has suffered from canker sores all my life. I never thought a product would really adhere to mucous membrane.....wrong!!! Your product is unbelievable!!!!!!!!!! Covers the sore like a bandage & heals at the same time!!!!!!
Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please can I get samples & coupons for my patients?????

Kathy K., Alpharetta, GA

Dear Quantum Health,

I was traveling in another state and in horrible pain with a really bad canker mouth sore. I say your product at a Rite Aid and though, I have tried everything else why not. I am so GLAD I did. They really work great. They are fast, easy to use and they work. I can even eat vinegar or drink lemon aide with no pain or sting from my canker sores. WOW. Now I am on line trying to find a local store so that I can keep them on hand at home to use always. Keep making them, they work!

Thaya S., Boise, Idaho

Dear Quantum Health,

I'm writing this letter in response to your product the "Canker Cover." Please understand that I NEVER write letters to companies after using their products, even if it is a very positive experience. I am 25 years old and have suffered from canker sores since I was 6. On average, my canker sores last about 8-10 days. The largest sore I’ve ever had was just under the size of a dime. The worst experience I remember was having mono during my senior year of high school and having 8 canker sores in my mouth at one time. I tried several remedies (rinsing with salt water, alum powder, various OTC numbing agents) which only temporarily dulled the pain or, at the best, lessened the life of the sore by 1-2 days.

A few months ago I had three canker sores in my mouth and they happened to be in the most impractical places so I could barely eat or speak without tremendous pain. It had been about 5 years since I had even used any type of remedy for my canker sores so I decided to see if there were any new products out. This is when I came across Canker Cover. I skeptically purchased the product (because of the claims on the box) and immediately used it upon getting home. Just as the directions stated, I felt a good amount of pain while placing the tablet onto my sore. However, about one minute later, I was overcome by an amazing sensation of relief from pain. I accidentally fell asleep on my couch and awoke 4 hours later to find that the tablet was missing but that I had substantially less pain. I used another tablet and, by the next day, my sore was basically gone. Unfortunately the other two sores were in spots where I couldn't get the tablet to but I was not complaining whatsoever.

This product is simply amazing. Consider yourselves to have a customer for life. What's so great about it is that during the time the tablet is on the sore, you feel no pain. Then once the tablet has dissolved, your sore is basically healed and there is minimal to no pain. I just wanted to add to the other satisfied customers' remarks and say thank you so much. Canker sores are such a nuisance but I now have a positive outlook when I get one because of your product.

Jeremy N.

Dear Quantum:

Thank you so much for creating Canker Cover! I came across an ad for them in one of my magazines, and I thought, for sure, that this could not work. However, I am a life-long Canker sore sufferer, and constantly have one, two, three or more sores somewhere in my mouth or throat! I've been to the doctors many times for help with them and have been prescribed a variety of medicines and even once told, "Don't eat sharp things!" Needless to say, I've been more than disgusted and had just about given up looking for help. Then I saw your ad and thought I'd give it one last try. All I can say is: AMAZING!!! This is the only product I've ever used that has helped. After trying them and having them work, I went back to Wal-mart and bought every box they had on the shelf. Thank you so much for helping me and others like me to find some relief from an incredibly painful and annoying problem.

Karen H., Ossian, IA

Dear Quantum,

I am writing about Canker Cover. I was at Walgreen’s, saw your product and bought it. I get the worst canker sores from time to time, usually two or three and then none for a year or so. I don't know why I get them but they stay weeks on end and are so painful I can barely talk. At any rate I bought your product and I say BRAVO!!!!! I have purchased Campophenique, Ambesol, Orajel, and many others for canker sores... they never help. God Bless you for creating this. I have to tell you I am so thankful and will be a diehard customer of your for life. AS SOON AS I put on the cover, I immediately felt relief. I am so happy and pain-free. Thank you!!!!!!

Valerie D., Las Vegas, NV

Dear Quantum Health,

My name is Adam Brake, and I am a chronic canker sore sufferer. I have been to doctors in my home in Canada, and they told me basically that there was nothing I could do about my problem except use common over the counter topical aids... one night I was really in pain and had a lot of swelling due to the canker problem. I went to my local pharmacy and saw your product... when I saw the promise of "often one dose is enough" I was skeptical, and even joked with a friend that I could complain vigorously if they didn’t work.

I bought your product, and followed the instructions...I was AMAZED with how effective your product is. I used the "canker cover" on my mouth and felt immediate relief. I was surprised when I woke up the next morning to find that the sore had reduced by 75%. This was amazing for me, as normally my canker sores last for 3-4 weeks. As I am writing this email, I am enjoying the second dose.

I thought since I was so eager to complain about your product, I should give credit where credit is due... I will use your product again in the future, and I will be sure to tell everyone how fantastic your product is. I am eager to try your other products, as I am sure they are just as amazing as the "Canker Cover"

Thank you for providing a relief for my chronic problem

Adam B., Corner Brook NL, Canada

Dear Quantum Health,

It's been a week and I couldn't get rid of these ulcers in my mouth! Today I got canker Cover and OMG! This is the most AMAZING product I have ever seeeeeeeeeeen!!!!!!!! I have no pain! I can eat! TALK and actually SMILE without pain despite the ulcer!

Thanks for creating such an amazing pain relieving product!


Dear Quantum Health,

I just can't get over how Canker Cover has changed my life. After trying every product on the market I figured nothing would come about to actually HEAL canker sores.

I was in shock after 5 minutes of getting the product. I opened the box, read the quick directions and applied the patch. The canker sore was in the back of my mouth beneath my wisdom tooth. I figured this was about the oddest place and this patch will never stay there. After dealing with products that have a film and come off with minimal talking I was worried.

I placed Canker Cover on the sore and after one minute I started talking and actually had food about 30 minutes later with NO PROBLEMS AT ALL!! Now it has been about 15 hours and the patch has dissolved and the canker sore is almost gone.

What I like even more is that it is VERY affordable... Words can simply not express how I feel...If you get canker sores you will know exactly what I mean after trying this product.

Canker Cover user for life,

Nick J,
Denver, CO

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