Buzz Away 2010 Contest - One For The Kids!

In 2010 we held the BuzzAway Extreme Video Competition. A competition to make an amusing short video on the subject of BuzzAway, mosquitos and mosquito repellents.

Showing great creativity in this video, its maker weaves a story of Toy Soldiers, an highly imaginative little boy and of course Giant Mosquitos. Keep watching as the story unfolds...

Maybe this year it could be your video being showcased to the world? This was one of the Top10 winning entries from our 2010 competition, and you can view the other videos on our QuantumHealth YouTube Channel.

And if you're feeling inspired - come join in and make a video for this years competition! You could win $1000 !  Get all your mates to vote for you.

Here in North America we protect your family from irritating insect bites and itching!

Our line of Buzz Away mosquito repellents and outdoor protection products repel mosquitoes, ticks, flies, gnats and no see ums in the most effective, and  chemical free way.

The BuzzAway Extreme range is now the leading choice in N.America for natural mosquito repellent. This is after many years of customer satisfaction and plenty of independent testing. You can read articles on how Buzzaway has been tested 'in the field' here on our blog, or on our  QuantumHealth Natural Products website

When you visit our website, you can submit your video competition entry at the same time...

... And find out even more about our products, grab a coupon, or locate a store selling our products.

Oh and by the way - keep looking out and voting for those funny video competition entries!

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