Our $1,000 Buzz Away Extreme Video Contest Is On!

ITCHIN’ TO DANCE?THE $1,000 MOSQUITO ‘SLAP DANCE’ CONTESTSubmissions due by July 5, 2011 To enter: www.BuzzAwayVideo.com Mosquitoes suck. Literally. And if you’re the type who thinks the best way to attack them is by hitting them with some killer dance moves, then your moment to shine has arrived. Buzz Away Extreme is looking for dance videos composed entirely of mosquito slapping rhythms. Whether you’re swatting ’em off, spinning around, or stomping ’em down, create an original Mosquito Slap Dance and (if it doesn’t completely bite) you could win the $1,000 first prize or $250 runner-up prize. A slap dance uses body percussion. The idea is to slap, slide, whack or shuffle the mosquitoes off your body in a sound-making rhythmic fashion. And while you’re doing that, you can stomp your feet, click your tongue, clap your hands or even crack your knuckles (ouch!).  Do it to music or let the rhythms you create become the music. Dances can be done solo, in a group, combined with animation, or whatever you like. Want to see an example? Check out Walter Arnett’s video, The No Bug Spray Dance on the entry page. You don’t need to purchase Buzz Away Extreme or even feature it in your video – unless you want to! Once you upload your video, it will automatically run with a special Buzz Away Extreme video tag at the very end. You can see this on the entry page as well. [caption id="attachment_28" align="alignnone" width="632" caption="The natural, DEET-free way to repel mosquitoes"] [/caption] THE PRODUCT Buzz Away Extreme is the natural, highly effective, chemical-free way to repel mosquitoes, ticks, flies, gnats and no see ums. Independent testing and years of customer satisfaction have made Buzz Away Extreme America's leading natural mosquito repellent. Learn more about the product or read some articles.. MANDATORIES • Submissions must be entrant’s original work • If you use a repellent in your video, only fantasy or imaginary mosquito repellents or contraptions may be featured (branded or homemade mosquito repellents are not allowed) • Length of video must be between a minimum of 30 seconds and a maximum of 2 ½ minutes • Entries must be primarily in English and no larger than 1 GB • Upload your submissions by July 5, 2011, to be eligible • No cursing, explicit sex, illegal drugs, dangerous stunts or weapons • Anyone 13 years of age or older can enter • If friends appear in your video, they have to sign this talent release form • For additional details, visit the Official Contest Rules JUDGING CRITERIA & PRIZES Two ways to win! BEST VIDEO: $1,000 Grand Prize Entries will be judged on their creativity, originality and rhythmic excellence (60%); and production quality (40%). Our judges will pick the Top Ten for display on our website and from those, the grand prize winner who will receive $1,000. MOST VIEWED: $250 Prize It’s all about raw numbers here. Whoever receives the greatest number of total views before the contest ends, wins! After you post your video, be sure to get your friends to watch. GET PERMISSION Anyone who appears on camera and can be recognized in any manner will need to sign a Talent Release Form. If they’re under 18, their parents or legal guardians will also need to sign the form. Download the form. ENTER NOW Files cannot be larger than 1 GB. Files must be in one of the following formats: wmv, wma, wav, QT, mpg, mpeg, AVI, asf, mp3, mp4, MTS, qcelp, movieclip, MOD, m4a, flv, dv, amr-nb, 3gpp2, 3gpp,3gp2, 3gp. Entry Steps: Step 1: Upload video Step 2: Fill in the entry form Step 3: You're done! THE LAST DAY FOR SUBMISSION IS JULY 5, 2011 www.BuzzAwayVideo.com

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