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Here's a letter we got on from Elisabeth after she used our Elderberry!

I bought the elderberry and zinc lozenges at a local health food store a few weeks ago because flu and colds have been rampant, and I know how great elderberry is for that. Two days ago I got sick with the flu... I had fever, chills, horrible aches, headache and just wanted to die. I got up and took one lozenge and within one hour my muscle aches had significantly improved and my fever began to come down. By morning, other than headache and weakness, I was doing fine. I've had the flu with full fledged symptoms for 5 straight days before, so to have one short night of misery has been a wonderful thing! I will be purchasing these to keep on hand for any virus or sickness in the future and will be recommending them to everyone I know. :)

via Quantum Health Natural Products.

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