Study Shows Buzz Away Extreme Repels Ticks for up to 3.5 Hours

According to a new two part study, Buzz Away Extreme, a natural insect repellent from Quantum Health, successfully repelled ticks for up to 3 and a half hours. The repellent, made from soy bean oil and other natural plant oils, also repels mosquitoes for 4 to 8 hours. The two part study was performed in a laboratory using the American dog tick. In the first part, a half circle shaped cotton cloth treated with two sprays of Buzz Away Extreme was placed in a control dish next to an untreated cloth.100% of the ticks were repelled by the product and populated only the untreated side of the dish. The same process was repeated with OFF Active IV, a product made up of 25% DEET, yielding the same result. However, in the second part, a cotton cloth treated with Buzz Away Extreme was placed next to a cloth treated with OFF Active IV forcing the ticks to populate one or the other cloth. In this case, Buzz Away Extreme was significantly more effective at repelling ticks. By the 3.5 hour mark, 84% of the ticks populated the OFF side of the dish, having been more effectively repelled by the Buzz Away Extreme treated cloth. In a previous laboratory study, the Buzz Away Extreme formula was 'highly repellent to deer tick unfed female adults for at least 2 to 2.5 hours,' according to the author of that study. In addition to repelling ticks, numerous studies have shown Buzz Away Extreme's mosquito repelling effectiveness under varying conditions. In one USDA study comparing eleven products, the formula earned a top rating by repelling three common species of mosquito for a mean average of 7.2 hours. In a field study conducted by Canada's University of Guelph, this formula proved to be 92% effective after 3 hours. A low percentage DEET-based formula was only 79% effective 3 hours after application. Post by Bruce Schennum, MA

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