A healthy evolution inspired by nature.

As an independent, family-owned company, we have always been inspired by nature. Now our packaging is too. When rethinking our branding, we looked to our original brand identity - to provide high quality, science-based products made using the most powerful nutrients available.

Coming soon.

We'll begin our packaging transition in April of this year and expect to finish up by late summer. We're looking forward to sharing this beautiful new packaging with you.

The only thing we're changing is our look.

We rethought and redesigned it to promote our main inspiration since 1981 - nature, in every little detail.


Approved by consumers.


We even asked consumers their opinion. The reaction and feedback were overwhelmingly positive: statements reiterated by multiple participants were that the new look is more natural, that the new packaging makes it easy to tell the product is high-quality, that the brand is trustworthy, and that they would buy this product. They love it, and we know you will too.

Questions. Comments.

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